About The CAAC Weather Station

The station’s data are collected by a Davis Vantage Pro2 Professional Weather Station. There is a thermometer, anemometer, automatic rain gauge, humidity sensor, and barometer. The sensors for this station are situated as optimally as possible for the highest accuracy with the temperature-humidity sensor 5 feet above the ground and the anemometer approximately 34 feet above the ground in a relatively clear area.

Data from this station are transmitted wirelessly to a dedicated weather computer every 3 seconds. This computer then uploads that data to charlotteastronomers.org/weather with the current conditions updating every 10 seconds. Data quality is constantly monitored via the Citizen Weather Observer Program (CWOP). The solar-powered weather station is fully automated and operates 24 hours a day every day.

Main sensor array
Anemometer (wind sensor)
Nighttime view of station
Nighttime view of station with stars in the sky. Main sensors at bottom
of mast (+5') and anemometer at top of mast (+34')