Eclipse 2008 Sequence

Total Solar Eclipse 2017

The Charlotte Amaterur Astronomers Club (CAAC) has received numerous inquiries related to the Total Solar Eclipse event, happening on Monday, August 21, 2017. The CAAC does NOT have an organized activity to view the eclipse, as it will not be visable from Charlotte. Below are links to reputable sources of information that may assist you in your quest to see this rare event.


Any person purporting to represent CAAC in the sale of solar film or any solar viewing product is doing so illegally. Should you become aware of such persons, please contact club President Ken Steiner immediately.
Solar viewing is extremely dangerous and doing so improperly can lead to permanent blindness.
Please use extreme caution when observing the sun and consult a professional prior to viewing. CAAC does not endorse or recommend individual solar viewing products and club members are encouraged to only purchase solar viewing equipment from reputable professional sellers.

***How to Look at the Sun Safely***